Equipment & Training

No matter your personal workout requirements, our gym has the equipment to meet your needs.

Aerobic Exercise -áEach aerobic device has its own cable television and integrated iPod« connectivity so you can choose your own music or video.

  • Six Treadmills from True Fitness
  • Four Elliptical Cross Trainers from Life Fitness
  • Two Arc Trainers from Cybex
  • Two Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes
  • Star Trac Upright Bike
  • Star Trac Espinner Bikeáwith a motivational rider dashboard. áThis device coaches and drives optimal performance by providing rider data, including cadence and heart rate. áAn integrated, touch-screen computer with digital TV tuner facilitates your workout.
  • Stepmill 7000 PT StairMaster by Nautilus
  • Jacobs Ladder

Strength Training - We have a variety of up-to-date strength-training machines from some of the finest manufacturers. áOur fully-equipped workout room includes:

  • Life Fitness Pectoral Fly Rear Deltoid machine
  • Life Fitness Chest Pressámachine
  • Life Fitness Seated Leg Pressámachine
  • Life Fitness Lateral Pull-Downámachine
  • Life Fitness Assisted Dip Chinámachine
  • Life Fitness Abdominal Crunchámachine
  • Life Fitness Back Extension machine
  • Life Fitness Triceps Extension machine
  • Life Fitness Leg Extension machine
  • Life Fitness Seated Leg Curl machine
  • Cybex Functional Trainer
  • Cybex Plated Leg Press
  • Cybex Arm Curl Machine
  • Cybex Thigh Machine
  • Pre cor Stretch Trainer
  • Hammer Strength Squat & Weight Machine
  • Cybex Cable Crossover with Low Row Machine
  • Pre cor Ab-x Machine
  • Cybex Barbell Roman Chair
  • Free weights with benches and mirrors